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ENCEE Chemical was founded in 1955 as an industrial chemical distributor. The privately held company was founded to supply chemicals in Eastern North Carolina. The company grew and in 1964 a specialty chemicals division emerged. That division supplied cleaning compounds, sanitizes and conveyor lubricant to the beverage, dairy, and food manufacturing industries nationwide. In the 1970's, the company began manufacturing sodium glucoheptonate. Initially, the manufacturing of sodium glucoheptonates was to supply the specialty chemicals division. In the 1980's, we began supplying formulators and concrete admixture plants with glucoheptonates. We began providing glucoheptonates to agricultural micronutrient producers in the mid 1980's. Today the manufacture and sale of sodium glucoheptonate products represent the core of ENCEE's business.

Our products go by the name CEE*QUEST. These are biodegradable chelating compounds that make metals water soluble. We have the ability to concentrate materials to 60% active in a liquid state. These materials are used in three major markets. Concrete admixtures, industrial cleaners and agriculture chelations. We have current research and development going on. Please see our next pages for the area that most interest you.