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Concrete Admixture using CEE*QUEST Products

ENCEE Chemical has been working with concrete admixtures since the late 70's. Over the years we have peaked our product for this application in many different ways. All this has lead us to today’s widely used material CEE*QUEST 70. CEE*QUEST 70 has been peaked in calcium chelation and has a mixture of both mono an poly sacarides. This mixture enhances the ability of the admixtures to give you the water reduction and the retardation within very tight parameters. We are proud to offer this product in up to 60% active state for shipment world wide.

Concrete admixtures are used to improve the strength, change the setting time of concrete, or reduce the water used to prepare the concentrate. The use of sugar acids or hydroxycarboxylic acids in concrete admixture formulations is well known.

ENCEE's CEE*QUEST chelating agents are prepared from materials which contain polymers of glucose. These higher sacarides are believed to be of benefit in concrete admixture formulation. They provide retardation and are stable under alkaline conditions which make them good water reducing agents. The ratio of the higher sacarides to monomers is expressed as the Polymer to Monomer Ratio of a product. The relationship between calcium chelation and the Polymer to Monomer Ratio is shown below.

Calcium Chelation and Polymer/Monomer Ratio of Various Products

Chelating Agent
Calcium Chelation
Sodium Gluconate 50%