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Industrial Applications

We have full line of products for sale depending on your application. CEE*QUEST products are a biodegradable chelating compound that has excellent performance in the higher pH range. Depending on your needs we can make a recommendation as to the proper product from our line.

Rust Removal

Iron oxides are insoluble in water and will stain cloth products. Iron plumbing in the textile industry can result in iron oxide blemishes in the fabric. Chelating agents can be used to hold iron in solution and prevent its deposition on cloth. Rust on iron surfaces can be removed with chelating agent.

Bottle Washing

"Milk Stone" or calcium carbonate scales are problems experienced in the cleaning of glass. Chelating agents are used to prevent the deposition of the scale on glass. Iron deposits, also, can be a problem and a chelating agent can eliminate the problem.

Cotton Mercerizing

Staining of cotton by iron and manganese salts will reduce the strength of the cotton fibers. Chelating agents are used to remove iron and manganese salts from the processing waters and the fibers.

If you are looking for a biodegradable chelate for high pH situations, these products are for you. Leave us an E-Mail and we will forward the information to you.